vendredi 15 juin 2018

Post 601

In my room…

Tm:.Creation - "The Shells" Beach Bed Couple & Single Anims.PG or ADULT - Bento anims. included + Décors (Bedside Tablewith blanket 1(LI) - Rug 1(LI) - Open Seashell with décors 3(LI) - Book Double 1(LI) @ Sense Event New (open 15th June at 4 PM SLT to 08th July 2018) 

Raindale - Evesong backdrop @ Sense Event New 

Bee Designs - Wordy words gacha (50ls per play) @ TLC New 

hive - potted fan palm plant for Fifty Linden Friday New

hive - Summer's rattan chair for Fifty Linden Friday New

Loft & Aria - Tropical Glam Mirror (gacha) @ The Arcade Gacha Events New

JIAN - Lively Labs - Laundry Pup

CHEZ MOI - Slippers and Panties


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